5 Tips to Help Make your Mexican Home a Beautiful Calming Oasis

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Gringo Furniture January 2014 Blog

We are already full into the swing of a new year. With busy lives and ever more competing temptations vying for our time, it is more important than ever to have homes where we are recharged, where we are at ease, and where we can be nourished. Furniture plays a huge role in making a home an inviting, serene and comfortable oasis, but other factors also play a part.

1. Be aware of the various rooms in your home and their purpose

This would seem quite obvious, but sometimes it is not. For example, if your bedroom is where you rest, recharge and are at peace, why would you have a desk or television or all sorts of clutter in it? Scan your rooms and make sure the furniture, the decorations, everything in them is conducive and aligned with their purpose.

2. Use lighting, beautiful furniture and color to frame your rooms

The great photographers of the world know that it’s all about the lighting – so do great restaurant and store designers, for that matter. Take some time to look with a critical eye at the quality of the light throughout your home. Living rooms and dining rooms should feature soft lighting that invites conversation, connection and sharing. Kitchen lighting should be bright, clear and stimulating. In the bedroom, beautiful lighting is so very important to help us connect, feel good and relax … need I say more?

3. Observe the relationship between pieces of furniture and the space they occupy

Is a sofa obstructing the way the eye moves through a room? Is a chair right in the middle of your enjoyment of favorite piece of art? When you step into a room, can you notice the beautiful furniture as well as the room? Or are they at odds or competing? Furniture in a room should feel balanced, not at harsh angles or trying too hard to fit in.

4. Incorporate plants in your living room, kitchen and baths

Plants, especially those with rounded leaves, can add so much to the design of a room, not to mention they help purify the air quality. Consider accenting your rooms with plants, in addition to using decorative objects.

5. Choose decorative items, woods and textures you love

Dark woods and furniture tend to be more elegant, more dramatic, less fluid. Light woods are more contemporary, more streamlined. Medium or reddish wood furniture tends to be warming, inviting, more soothing. You can have fun choosing various kinds of woods and even brightly colored pieces of furniture throughout the various areas of your home. When you upholster your chairs and sofas or choose decorative pillows, pay attention to how they feel to the touch, how they smell, how they engage your senses.

While you contemplate the opportunity to make your home into an oasis, keep in mind that beautifully crafted pieces of furniture such as the pieces we feature on this website can go a very long way helping you build a serene, stunning home for you, your friends and family and potential renters … whether in Mexico or not.

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