What's Your Gringo Furniture Style? Take this Fun Quiz to Find Out!

Here’s a fun way to help you get to know our furniture collections and choose favorite styles. Get some pen and paper, jot down answers and have fun with it. The quiz isn’t set in stone, and it isn’t a manifesto. Instead, it’s designed to give you ideas, provide inspiration and help you make some sense of your likes, dislikes and choices when it comes to furnishing your Mexican home.

1. Which statement describes you most closely?

a. I love simple lines, bright color and making a statement
b. I prefer easy, comfortable environments, clothes, accessories
c. I cannot stand clutter or memorabilia
d. I have an ageless yet bold style
e. I get easily bored – love variety

2. What would you have the toughest time getting rid of?

a. Natural or gathered objects: shells, feathers, seed pods
b. Beautifully worn-out light wood desk
c. Your sleek, angular sofa
d. Your favorite pair of jeans, wide belt and cowboy boots
e. The most recent decorative item you purchased to accessorize your space

3. What are elements of your envisioned dream home?

a. Bright furnishings in fun, audacious combinations
b. Warm, casual, sink-in sofas and chairs
c. An inviting modern living room that still evokes Mexico
d. Dark woods, sturdy objects, antiques
e. All of the above

4. Where do you prefer to acquire items for your home?

a. At funky, unique stores specializing in unusual items
b. At arts and craft fairs or artisan studios
c. At Dania, Ikea or Pottery Barn
d. At auctions or high end estate sales
e. At flea markets, malls, online

5. Your dream kitchen would  absolutely have:

a. A retro style refrigerator
b. A large, gas stove
c. Granite counter tops
d. Dark, rich cupboards and shelves
e. A bright red KitchenAid Mixer

6. What is your favorite decorating color palette?

a. Monochromatic walls with bold primary color accents
b. Browns, terracottas, warm earth tones
c. Natural colors: beige, cream, gray, greens
d. As long as it looks polished, refined and solid it doesn’t matter
e. It changes with the seasons and my mood

7. What fabric patterns do you tend to prefer?

a. Large geometric shapes that add visual interest and bold color
b. Tribal, textured, warm
c. Natural fabrics: cotton, linen, silk
d. Leathers, tapestry, damask
e. Those whose colors complement the room, even if in a different style

8. Which movie star do you identify the most with?

a. Renee Zellweger
b. Clint Eastwood
c. Antonio Banderas
d. Katharine Hepburn
e. Madonna

9. You’ve always wanted to own:

a. A 1950’s pink Cadillac
b. A quiet place in the countryside
c. A grand piano
d. Your own competitive horse
e. An artifact from an ancient culture

10. Your ideal day would have to include:

a. A ride on your new moped
b. A leisurely stroll in the woods
c. Martinis and a Frank Lloyd Wright tour
d. Reading your favorite limited edition leather-bound novel in your study
e. Meditating, yoga, a fun lunch

11. Your favorite place in Mexico is:

a. Cabo San Lucas
b. Puerto Escondido
c. Monterrey
d. Merida
e. I like too many places in Mexico to decide

Tally your answers and find out your furniture style here !

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