The Truth about Moving your Furniture to Mexico

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Gringo Furniture Moving to Mexico Blog April 2014


You had been thinking of investment opportunities. You visited Mexico; fell in love with the country, its food, its beaches. You looked at condos, did the numbers, they worked and you realized not only could you have your little piece of heaven there but you could also rent it when you were not using it. And now you are actually going to Mexico to take ownership of your Mexican home. Very exciting! How about the furniture? Well, you have too much furniture in your home in the States or Canada anyway, and wouldn’t it be nice to just bring some of your furniture to Mexico? Might be fun to rent a truck and drive it across the border, save you lots of money and help you lighten up your full time residence right? Hmm…


While you may be up for a road trip, moving your furniture to Mexico is not as easy as it sounds.


1. You must drive your own vehicle into Mexico.

You will not be able to enter Mexico driving a rental car or truck. While you may be up for a road trip, moving your furniture to Mexico is not as easy as it sounds.


2. How does it really work to bring your furniture into Mexico?


If you are an FM3 Visa holder, you have a one-time chance to take your household used goods (yes, they must be at least 6 months old) into Mexico. You must provide a list of each one of your belongings and have it stamped by the Mexican Consulate. You have just six months from the date of issue of your FM3 visa to take your household goods into Mexico. You must apply for the permit in person at the Mexican Consulate. Goes like this: Bring your original FM3 Visa and 5 copies. Bring a double-spaced typed list of your household items in Spanish, one original and 4 copies. The list must include absolutely everything you’re bringing, and each box must be labeled and numbered with its specific contents. All electrical appliances must show brand, model and serial numbers. You must be able to prove that they have been in use for at least 6 months. If something is deemed “new,” Mexican Customs can confiscate it or charge you a duty (import tax). Be sure to leave room at the bottom right of each page for the Consular seal. You must sign the left bottom corner of each page of the list. The fee for the permit is a few hundred US dollars cash.


3. Do you really want to bring your furniture to Mexico? Why not start fresh?


One of the reasons Mexico is so appealing is that it is different. The feel, look, color and style of things is different in Mexico. Will your furniture look as good in your Mexican colonial home or beach condo as it does in your home in the US suburbs? Moving to Mexico is a chance to be creative, keep things cozy, get to buy some unique furniture pieces you might not otherwise have the opportunity to acquire.


4. Shopping for furniture in Mexico.


Shopping for furniture in Mexico is most definitely not for people in a hurry ... of for the faint of heart. Mexico takes its time. Yes, it is possible to find nice furniture but many of our clients have told us countless stories of the many hassles and huge expense of looking, shopping, negotiating and hoping people do what they say they are going to deliver your furniture. Not to mention the taxi cabs, the traffic, the fear, the pollution, and in some cases the need to hire a translator. Check out our article on this subject here.


5. Where Gringo Furniture comes in: Purchase your new Mexican furniture from us and get it delivered when you are in Mexico to enjoy it. No hassles, we do the rest.


As long as you plan ahead (at least 6-8 weeks), we will be able to build a gorgeous collection of Mexican artisanal furniture just for you, according to your specs and wishes, in a style that will work beautifully with the architecture of your Mexican property, and best of all … we will be working, building, matching, sourcing, coordinating and following everything through while you relax. We take care of everything: managing the artisans, bringing your furniture collection to life, managing the schedules and logistics, arranging for delivery and delivering everything at once according to your schedule. And our furniture, if I do say so myself, is stunning! Call or email us today. It will be our pleasure to help furnish your Mexican dream home.


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