Gringo Furniture is here to work with you as you envision, dream, plan and furnish your Mexican home or Mexico rental property.  We can provide support every step of the way – from sharing initial design ideas to working with your floor plan, to helping you choose your wood stains and finishes, through to the delivery of your furniture to your Mexican home (Delivery is just a small fixed fee!). You can count on us as a resource to help you navigate the process of building your own unique beautiful home environment in Mexico.

Here are some of the services we offer you:

Customized Mexico Furniture Designs

Gringo Furniture works with you to create and customize furniture for your Mexican home.  You can send us a photo of a furniture piece you have seen or one you wish you could have in your Mexico dream home. We are able to work with our Mexican artisans to get that piece custom made for you in the finish, style, color and size of your choice. We are also able to work with you to help you modify a design from our online store.

A Variety of Wood Stains to Spark your Creativity and Enhance your Home's Decor

When browsing and purchasing our furniture, you are able to select from a variety of wood stains. The most basic are Light, Medium, Dark and Chocolate.

The Light Stain is a rustic Mexican basic stain finished with wax which is great for small spaces when you want to keep your Mexico decoration as simple and rustic as possible and maximize reflection of light. Think wheat in the fields.

Our Medium Stain brings Mexican rustic warm hues to your Mexico home environment. These Medium Stains are beautiful in bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. They will make your rooms look and feel cozy and inviting. Medium Finishes are our most popular Mexico rustic furniture stains, especially for rental properties. They are durable and look great year after year. Think caramel or praline.

Our Dark Stain begins to introduce some notes of black to the Medium Stain. It is still warm and inviting but a bit more intense. Think dark honey.

Our Chocolate Stain lends itself well to a more polished contemporary Mexico condo or home décor. We have seen this stain become a favorite in the past year. It is a very dark, intense, opaque stain. You can choose to have the Chocolate Stain varnished for an additional charge, which makes it even shinier and more durable. Think espresso.

Designer Furniture Finishes to Further Personalize your Mexican Home

Besides the Light, Medium, Dark and Chocolate Mexican furniture stains, you can also choose to have your Gringo Furniture pieces made in a Custom Artistry Mexico Finish: Weathered, Distressed, Lacquered or Reclaimed Pine.

Environment-Friendly Mexican Reclaimed Pine

Many of our customers who are concerned about the environment choose the Reclaimed Pine Finish. The reclaimed pine process in Mexican furniture is a beautiful art in which the artisan incorporates reclaimed wood into the design of the furniture. To ensure durability, the entire piece cannot be made with reclaimed pine, but accent pieces of reclaimed wood are used. The pieces have a unique character and are beautiful to look at and to live with. They are conversation pieces and they help conserve forest environments by reusing and recycling.

Ample Selection of Furniture Styles

As you will be able to see, our Online Store features hundreds of quality Mexican furniture pieces in various furniture styles.  From Mexican Rustic to Rustic Contemporary Furniture to Hacienda, Rattan or Cottage, we have put together a wide variety of palettes and home décor collections for your Mexican home. However, we can also work with you to help you custom design your Mexico dream furniture based on your budget, needs, taste and lifestyle. Oftentimes we get calls from customers who have investment property in Mexico. They and their partners have a budget and a timeline.  We collaborate with them to furnish the rental or investment property in an appealing style, with durable renter-friendly materials, on time and on budget.

Carefully Chosen Accessories to Complement your Gringo Furniture Ensembles

Gringo Furniture offers a variety of FABRICS to suit your décor, style, budget and personal taste as you furnish your Mexican dream home.  You will be able to choose Solids, Prints, Jacquards, Weather Resistant fabrics, Faux and Genuine Leathers, Suede and Designer Weaves. We also offer custom-made sofa covers, which are great if you want to vary the look of your living room each season, or if you want to have a set of covers for your renters and another for your own use. From time to time we offer beautiful Mexican accessories to complement your home’s unique décor. These include wonderful rustic mirrors, Mexican tile bathroom basins and other decorative items.

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