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Gringo Furniture Holiday 2013 Blog Post


Some of you will be in Mexico for the holidays. You are definitely in luck. Christmas -- "Navidad" -- in Mexico is gorgeous, filled with amazing foods, a festive atmosphere, people gathering, parades, celebrations ... and Mexican town squares and churches decorated to the nines. So much to see and do. How do you make the most of this time?


Have friends over for amazing Mexican food

One way to celebrate Christmas in Mexico is to entertain and have gatherings in your Mexican home or condo. Yum! As your Mexican kitchen fills with the aromas of traditional holiday foods, do not be surprised if more people than you invited do show up. That is Mexico. :-) Enjoy it!

Discover the magic of Mexico's small towns


Make sure you visit small towns. If your Mexican home is in Tulum, Akumal or Merida, you may want to check out Valladolid or Izamal, for a more traditional "of the people" celebration. If you are closer to the Mexico City area, you must take a trip to Tepoztlan for some magical holiday cheer. Unforgettable, trust me!

In Mexico, Our Lady of Guadalupe is queen, all month

Mexicans honor their patron saint, our Lady of Guadalupe, especially in December. Processions, cantatas and parades fill the air with devotion, music and joy. Children dress in holiday regalia and streets are decorated with streamers, flowers and bright "papel picado" -- holiday paper cutouts. Seek out some of these opportunities to discover the true Mexico few get to experience.


Holidays in Mexico Gringo Funriture Blog Post


The Story of the poinsettia

The "nochebuena" or poinsettia is a favorite decoration this time of year in Mexico. The plant is native to Taxco de Alarcon and the Aztecs used them for dyes and cosmetics. Walk around streets, markets, cities and towns and take in the many poinsettias in oh so many colors and varieties!


Visit Mexico's "mercados" -- holiday markets -- in the center of towns


Markets throughout Mexico are amazing places during the holidays. They are beautifully festive, with vendors celebrating, sharing and selling all manner of handmade toys and decorations and typical Mexican sweets. Plus, you can find some Mexican hot chocolate, churros, tamales ... at unbelievably reasonable prices.

Shop for a Mexican nativity set

While at the market, walk around and shop for a traditional nativity set. They come in a great variety of styles and they make perfect gifts. It is customary to display them over a sofa table near the entrance to your home or on a side or coffee table in your Mexican living room. The story of how you found it is a great conversation opener. ;-)


If you are in Mexico for the holidays you are in for a great treat ...

As your friends and family gather around your dining room table to share some great Mexican food and drink, you will join countless others who also extend their warm hospitality throughout the country. As your children rest their heads on their pillows in their Mexican beds, you will know you have given them new experiences to treasure and memories to last a lifetime. As you walk through the markets to see how Mexico does Christmas, you will know in your heart that this pace of life and climate are oooh so conducive to celebrating and being grateful with family and friends.


Happy Holidays from Gringo Funriture


Happy Holidays from Gringo Furniture


It's a blessing and a great pleasure to count you among our friends and family. We are grateful for the privilege. Thank you for your support of our business and of our Mexican artisans and craftspeople. Their families thank you, along with us. We wish you a beautiful holiday season in Mexico or wherever you celebrate this year!

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