Who is Gringo Furniture?

Gringo Furniture is a small but growing family-owned business based in the U.S. The task that helps us get up each morning with excitement is helping you: Americans, Canadians and expats living in Mexico to furnish your Mexican dream homes. So, if you have a home or vacation rental property in Mexico and want to furnish it with custom furniture pieces made in Mexico, just for you, by Mexican artisans, you’ve come to the right place!  We are committed to providing you with great service and follow through. We coordinate all the details,  from design to placing your order to shipping,  so that you can have the unique furniture you want in your Mexican dream home when you need it … and at a great price.

How did Gringo Furniture start?

We started with a dream, a vision and a keen appreciation of Mexico and the Mexican people. Actually, that love and appreciation opened the door for this amazing business. We understand the possible challenges and frustrations involved in furnishing a home in Mexico. Using your vacation time to drive around looking for furniture, not speaking the language, having to pay cash, negotiating shipping, when you'd rather be relaxing. We know you own a home or vacation property in Mexico so that you can enjoy your time there. We offer you assistance in creating a beautiful home, a wonderful living environment in Mexico, without worries or hassles. We are proud of our family of Mexican artisans. Our Mexico artisans are beautiful, talented, amazing people. We work together to support, serve and assist you in customizing and furnishing your Mexican dream home.

Can I get this furniture shipped from Mexico to Canada or the United States?

We curate a small number of pieces for delivery in the US. On any product, click 'SHOW PRICE' and select the option for 'delivery in the US' to see these. We will be happy to quote delivery of any Mexican furniture item to the U.S. and Canada. We realize that many of our pieces are difficult to find outside of Mexico and that some customers are able to pay Customs and transport fees to add these lovely furniture pieces to their Canadian and American homes.

How can I possibly furnish my Mexico home or vacation property online without seeing the furniture?

This can certainly be a challenge for some of our clients.  Here's what we can say about that: We have many happy customers who place repeat orders from us. We consider them our best ambassadors. It is absolutely in our best interest to make sure you love your furniture, so we work to understand your needs and to communicate clearly with you and our Mexican artisans. Clear, active coordination and follow-through are essential to our success. All our furniture is handmade in Mexico. Our wood is kiln-dried and bug and termite treated. In some cases we use recycled and reclaimed wood -- we love its beautiful charm and warmth. All our wood products come from responsible, sustainable providers. We want our customers to be happy and satisfied and we do everything possible to make that happen. We are happy we can help you furnish your Mexican home easily and efficiently. Just give us a call and talk with us to see how we can help.

How do I actually work with Gringo Furniture? What is the order process?

You can call us anytime on our toll-free number. Alternatively, you can email us ideas, photos or floor plans with your vision for your Mexican condo, home or villa. If we have your floor plan or photos on hand, we can walk through each room with you, helping you consider options. Or, if you tell us your preferences, we can send you our ideas, photos and suggestions. Either way, we are here to help make the process fun and smooth for you. If you are an investor, partner, or real estate developer in Mexico, please call us. We have many years of experience in strategy, management and business consulting and will be delighted to help you put together the best furniture options for your properties and your buyers.

How long will it take to deliver my furniture in Mexico?

We are responsive, customer-centered and efficient. We’ve built excellent relationships with our Mexican artisans. For the most part, we can deliver your furniture in six to eight weeks. If you have an urgent requirement, call us and let's discuss what might be possible.

What about Delivery?

We charge a small, single fixed price for delivery. We absorb all the other delivery costs!


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