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Is it always relaxing in Mexico? The first time it happened I nearly fell off the bed with the jarring noise coming from outside! Somebody in the small town was driving through the streets early in the morning with a megaphone on top of a small car advertising propane gas. Later the same day someone went by advertising eggs and produce in the same way. This happened over and over as we traveled through Mexico’s small towns. Dogs barking, fireworks exploding, horses galloping, roosters crowing right outside the door. Eventually I began to find ...
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It is no longer to soon to be talking about your holiday entertainment plans. With foliage and a change in the light and in air temperature, many of us are thinking about the holidays. And for some, that means traveling to your home or condo in Mexico where you will welcome (some very lucky) guests who will get to enjoy the sunshine, the ocean, the Mexican holiday foods and costumes with you. A holiday season to remember! So now is the time to begin thinking of that additional bed or sofa, those gorgeous regal looking hacienda arm chairs ...
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On a recent Sunday in Mexico, on a whim, we decided to go to the park. And wow, it proved to be a great decision because we really had no idea all the wonderful surprises that were in store for us. One of the most amazing ones was seeing the park come alive with people young and old .... together .... celebrating life. A Japanese garden, children painting the littlest sweetest furniture pieces, dancers performing, ice cream and popcorn vendors, toddlers running around, young lovers holding hands,  ... you get the picture. Whether at a park...
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  I don’t know about you but I truly love outdoor markets. Such a beautiful array of foods, spices, flowers, people, herbs, vegetables and fruits … and the hubbub and pulse of a place and its people. They go by many names: Mercado de artesanias (handicrafts), flea market, farmers markets … I love them all.  In Canada and the US, most of these markets are seasonal, open from early to late summer. In Mexico, most of them are open year-round. Here are a few of our favorite Mexican market experiences. In San Miguel de Allende, on a Satu...
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If you love Mexico like we do, no doubt you have your favorite stories, memories and experiences of Mexican beaches. Mexico has so very much to offer: great food, wonderful people, beautiful furniture, amazing history and so many ancestral traditions from which we can learn and be nourished by. Still, many of us think of beaches when we think of Mexico. One of my favorite memories is of a pink small hotel in Mazanillo, right on the ocean, where they used to give you old skeleton keys with which to access your hotel rooms. I remember an early mo...
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  Safety is one of the main considerations people have when they think of retiring to Mexico or elsewhere in Central and South America. And I get it, it is absolutely important to feel safe in one's new home be it in Mexico, Belize, Ecuador or Nicaragua. The important thing to do is to visit first, do your research, and have an attitude of openness and adventure. Of course things will be different when you move to Mexico, that's why you are moving! Most people believe that this move may well add years to your life, to your heart, and to y...
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It is true that if you are living year round in Mexico, you are probably not as hungry for color right about now as we are in the U.S. or Canada. Still, spring is a beautiful time of year wherever you live or work. Right now I am completely eager for color, for bright things, for opportunities to spruce up and to bring in new accents into our home décor. Pantone’s Color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, a lovely lilac/pink tone which reminds me of my teenage years. As a teenager I had a radiant orchid shag carpet in my bedroom and my pare...
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