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Mexicans love the holidays! In December, the whole country is one big feast. If you are traveling to Mexico this month, or will be spending time in your Mexico condo or vacation property, you are in for a real treat. Mexican culture and hospitality are at their very best this month. Here are some ideas to help you join in the celebrations – a-la Mexicana … the Mexican Way; as well as furniture pieces which help you entertain in style and accommodate last-minute guests.

From December 2 through December 12, Mexicans celebrate their patron Saint, Lady Tonantzin – as the natives have always known her, or Our Lady of Guadalupe. As early as 5am, musicians go to churches to offer their “mananitas a la Virgen.” There are processions, vendors, prayers, gatherings, feasts. I remember staying in Manzanillo one year in early December and every morning being woken up by a procession, heard at a distance, along with chanting, cymbals and drums, while Mexicans paraded Our Lady of Guadalupe through the streets.

December 12 is the Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, or Tonantzin. Millions of Mexican people travel to El Tepeyac, the hill in Mexico City where She appeared to Juan Diego, requesting that a church be built. The story is magnificent, beautiful and inspiring.

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On December 16, posadas begin. These are pre-arranged visits to the houses of friends and neighbors. They commemorate the Virgin and St. Joseph traveling asking for a place to stay. Mexicans visit the houses late at night bringing music and song. The third house opens the door, lets them in and offers them food and drink. This goes on until the 23 of December. On the 24th, “The Good Night” or “Noche Buena,” Baby Jesus arrives. There’s more singing and partying, families are together and they attend midnight mass. December 25th is a very quiet day in Mexico; a family holiday and most stores, services and attractions are closed. The tradition is to exchange presents on Three King’s Day in early January.

Gringo Furniture Mexican holiday solutions

If you are in Mexico this holiday season, be ready to partake in the events. Markets in Guadalajara, Oaxaca, Mazatlan, Lake Chapala and Puerto Vallarta are abuzz with activity, selling beautiful mangers, bright paper flowers, special foods of the season.

Your Mexican friends and neighbors may not know you want to take part in the events. Tell them! Be ready to welcome people into your house, give gifts to young children, and do partake of “ponche con piquete if you are offered – this is a warm beverage made of spices and alcohol – and it is rumored to cure a great many number of ailments Wink.

Gringo Furniture Mexican holiday solutions

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