Shortly before my nephew’s second birthday, we happened to be traveling in Mexico. These visits to Mexico are often a combination of extreme work and also (if we are lucky) personal time and relaxation. We don't always have the luxury to add some R& R time to our Mexico travel, but that time we did. My brother and sister in law decided to host a "Coco" themed birthday party for their 2 year old. The film had been nominated for an Oscar and everything "Coco" was definitely "in." Since we were in Mexico, they asked us to look for a few things...
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  It’s a great idea to update your home’s décor by doing at least one new thing at the start of a new year. It brings new energy, new perspectives and -- some even say -- prosperity into a home.  I know sometimes there’s a limit to how much we are able to do to breathe new life, color and energy into our home environment. We may need to build an addition, purchase a new bedroom set, new sofa or a new dining room. But while we shop to find exactly what we want, we can still add interesting pieces and accents to spruce up our homes or ...
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