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Over the years, we've struggled to find the best way to handle furniture delivery costs. Mexico is a big country. Shipping charges in Mexico can vary wildly. Frankly, there is risk in just absorbing the delivery cost ourselves. 

But that is exactly what we are doing.

One of the benefits of being in business for ten years is that GringoFurniture has delivered furniture to just about to every corner of Mexico.  We've worked with and sifted through numerous shipping and delivery firms.

The several that we've retained are terrific, trustworthy and specialize in furniture delivery. We have curated great working relationships with them over the years. Mexico can be spectacularly inconsistent  (that's why you come to us, right?). But with these partners, Adri and I believe we have it down.

So today we are announcing a first: 'free' delivery within Mexico for all new orders. Here are the benefits to you:

  1. No more estimated delivery costs at check out. You know exactly what your shipping cost is. It is zero.
  2. No more delay while we confirm the estimated delivery cost. Now there is NO charge!
  3. No more frustration when the confirmed delivery charge is higher than estimate. This didn't happen often, but when it did it was frustrated both you and we. Now, we absorb those surprises and you know exactly what your delivery cost is from the beginning. It is zero. 

We are happy to simpllify the experience of furnishing your Mexican property. That's our mission. We hope you find this refinement makes your Mexico furniture-buying experience as fun and relaxing as a magarita on a sunset beach.  And remember to reach out to us early so we have sufficient time to build and safely deliver on the schedule you need.

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