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Phew! I’ve wanted to offer you this Style Quiz for the longest time. The idea occurred to me years ago but then, as it often happens when running a business, too many other things became important priorities.

Still, the style quiz was always in back of my mind. I thought it could be a really fun way to help you get to know our furniture collections and choose favorite styles. So I kept gathering ideas, making notes, collecting images, always hoping to have a chance to one day … offer the style quiz on our site. I began to draft the questions. I tried not to worry too much about the quiz being perfect – I wanted to make it insightful and fun instead. And, Ta-dah, today is the day! I set aside the time, pulled all my notes together and got it done. So I am beyond thrilled to finally share our furniture style quiz with you!

Why a style quiz for Mexican furniture?

While developing Gringo Furniture, we’ve learned a great deal about Mexican furniture, Mexico styles and about the furniture types most conducive to the diverse climates in Mexico. Also, I soon discovered that our Mexican furniture styles don’t exactly map to any other listing of furniture and home décor. So it’s helpful to pare down the options and help you see what might appeal to you from the collections we do offer, and from the furniture types we do have available for Mexico, whether it’s a coastal area, a place in the country, or a home in a gorgeous Mexican colonial city.

How to best take advantage of this Mexican furniture style quiz

The best approach is 5 words: Please have fun with it. The quiz isn’t set in stone, and it isn’t a manifesto. Instead, it’s designed to give you ideas, provide inspiration and help you make some sense of your likes, dislikes and choices when it comes to furnishing your Mexican home. And, perhaps due to practical considerations you may not be able to furnish your Mexico home or rental property exactly to your taste. Perhaps this is an investment rental property and not your Mexican dream home. In that case you want to keep things simple, durable and economical. We absolutely understand. We have helped many customers furnish rentals beautifully and economically. No pressure, no problem!

Can this style quiz really help me choose furniture for my property in Mexico?

I really hope so, but as we all know quizzes are very subjective -- just the way likes, dislikes and preferences are subjective. How you answer will be affected by your frame of mind, things you’ve read or seen, even the kind of day you’re having. So as you answer the questions and tally results, take it with a grain of salt. If nothing else, I designed the quiz as a way to help you discover something new about yourself and explore your wishes, likes and dislikes when it comes to Mexican furnishings. You can take the style quiz again and again, and we would love it if you shared it with your friends and then compared notes or if you used it as a brainstorming tool to design your home and your furniture.

Give it a try! Take our furniture style quiz Now.

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