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That special outdoor furniture allure

We are now in the full swing of summer in the States and Canada and I am personally loving every opportunity to sit outdoors whether at a cafe, a friend's patio, or our own terrace. This season I have acquired an even deeper appreciation for the beauty, durability and comfort of outdoor furniture.

Using great outdoor furniture to extend your home

Those environments we create outdoors can be gorgeous extensions of our homes. If we make our patios, pool areas and terraces comfortable, fun, elegant, and soothing they can certainly help us get that "on vacation" feeling which we love and which nowadays is so necessary.

Outdoor furniture to help you feel on vacation

I mean, who doesn't like to step outside and sip a refreshing drink and feel like they've had a mini-vacation right in their own back yard? Here at Gringo Furniture we are very well aware of the impact of environment on our psyches and states of mind. To help you create that special outdoor room environment, that wonderful oasis with your own panache and your own charm, we have added some amazing new pieces of outdoor furniture.

Examples of outdoor furniture options now available

Here are some tried and true popular products, as well as some most definitely "outside the box" Mexican outdoor furniture originals. We hope you enjoy dreaming and visualizing our furniture in your home and patio environments. If we’ve captured your imagination, by all means email us or give us a call!

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