Why do We Love Mexico?

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First snow storm of 2012! Beautiful -- a little impractical for doing business and getting around, but beautiful. That’s what I told my friend on the phone this morning. She replied, “Oh, it’s really bright and sunny here.” Immediately, just hearing that, my day felt warmer.

Many of our friends and family go to Mexico when Canada and the U.S. begin to get way too cold. There is so much that brings us to Mexico year after year. So much that calls us, inspires us, make us return to Mexico over and over again. What is it? Well, as you know, it’s a powerful, compelling combination.

We love Mexico for its people

No question about it, Mexicans are beautiful, kind, hard-working people. They do wonders with gardens, flowers, different kinds of woods – they are lovely artisans, as if it were in their blood. They enjoy life. They like to have fun. They are service-oriented. And that’s just the start.

We love Mexico for its restaurants

Such a huge variety! From tiny delicious mom and pop establishments to ultra chic, sophisticated ones, so many delightful options. Chicago Master Chef Rick Bayless made us a fan of Mexican restaurants and cuisine and we’ve never recovered. And of course, those margaritas, mojitos and micheladas are the perfect accompaniment to the deliciously aromatic, often spicy, and always soul-warming food!

We love Mexico for its markets

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Markets are the perfect places to get to know a town and its people. If you want to learn the cadence, the rhythm of a Mexican town, get up early in the morning and go to the market. Get fresh flowers from the little old lady so particular about displaying them in just the right way. Sit at the breakfast bar and order tortillas, huevos and café de olla (coffee with sugar, cinnamon and spices). Browse, practice your Spanish. Get some bright pillow covers for your sofas, perhaps a hammock for your outdoor patio, maybe a few bright pieces of ceramics for your dining room table.

We love Mexican haciendas

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Haciendas are old, grand Mexican homes with utmost panache. They take you back in time, they make you appreciate that exquisite details, furniture, antique wood and arches are always in fashion, are always timeless, are always welcome and always grounding. No wonder these residences have inspired an entire style of decoration for homes and furniture in Mexico and elsewhere. Think Tuscan furniture with a tropical twist. If you have a chance to visit Mexico haciendas, go for it. You’ll find inspiration for your life, your home and your gardens.

We love Mexican arts and crafts

For us this goes without saying. From the amazing beadwork and yarn paintings of the Huichol Indians, to the artistry in sugar we see on display for Day of the Dead, to the paper cutouts that decorate all of Tepoztlan during special occasions, to the exquisite pieces of furniture all over the country: rustic furniture, contemporary furniture, equipale living rooms, gigantic antique reclaimed doors and wall untis … we never cease to be amazed.

We love Mexico for great deals

Men can still get a haircut in Mexico for 5 dollars. I bought a lovely bunch of flowers at the market for $3. A multi-course breakfast cost me $7. Enough said.

Have we forgotten something you love about Mexico? If so, please email us and let us know!

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