Huatulco Mexican destination of choice for Canadians. I can relate!

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One of the things I enjoy the most in my work is the chance to do lots of armchair traveling. When clients call us to help them customize furniture packages for their Mexican condos and homes, I get to live vicariously. Love seeing the photos, the great views, the various styles of Mexican homes and the floor plans. Mexico is filled with gorgeous, warm (in people and in climate) destinations which capture the imagination and make us feel welcome.   I was then not at all surprised to come across this Toronto Star article featuring Huatulco as one of the favorite destinations for Canadians moving to Mexico.  I am familiar with the allure of Huatulco. We have furnished client condos and homes on the beach there,  and let me tell you … it is always a pleasure to look at those ocean views, that Viewpoint building on a hill, and to follow the advice of my grandma who was fond of saying,”Sonar no cuesta nada.” “Dreaming doesn’t cost a thing.”

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