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Here’s  a great video which captures wonderfully the inspiration for our Hacienda Furniture Collection. As you watch it, you will feel like you have gone back in time; however, this hacienda is alive and thriving in Mexico, 45 km from Merida by car.  This is unusual, as most of Mexico’s haciendas have now been abandoned and are no longer in operation.  On the early portion of the video you will be able to see the colonial architecture we so love in Mexico, as well as examples of Hacienda furniture pieces, wrought iron a...
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Over the years, we've worked hard to find the best way to handle furniture delivery costs. Mexico is a big country. Shipping and delivery charges in Mexico actually vary wildly. However, one of the benefits of having been in business for over ten years is that GringoFurniture has delivered furniture to just about to every corner of Mexico.  We've worked with and sifted through numerous shipping and delivery companies.  The several that we've retained are trustworthy, thorough, and they specialize in furniture delivery. We have develo...
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  Once again we hear of a wonderful place in Mexico through our friends at Yucatan Living.  Many thanks to the Working Gringos for everything they do to communicate their passion for Mexico and to share their advise, skills and expertise! In Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, one of our very favorite cities is Merida. We were so moved by how kind and friendly people in Merida are, by the beauty of the markets, the stunning colonial homes around the Centro, the hustle and bustle amidst an attitude of grace ... and the dynamism of this rapidl...
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  Safety is one of the main considerations people have when they think of retiring to Mexico or elsewhere in Central and South America. And I get it, it is absolutely important to feel safe in one's new home be it in Mexico, Belize, Ecuador or Nicaragua. The important thing to do is to visit first, do your research, and have an attitude of openness and adventure. Of course things will be different when you move to Mexico, that's why you are moving! Most people believe that this move may well add years to your life, to your heart, and to y...
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  Chinese New Year was celebrated last month, February 19.According to the experts we are now well underway with the energies of the Year of the Wood Sheep.This year, new wood furniture adds luck to your home’s décor! Because this is the year of the Wood Sheep, 2015 is a wonderful year for wood furniture. Yes, we ARE very happy about this!  If you've been waiting to replace a key piece of furniture -- dining room table, bedroom set, buffet, now is the time to do it. New wood furniture may do wonders for your prosperity this year...
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I just came across this article today thanks to our friends at Yucatan Living. I laughed when I read it, and wanted to share it with all of you. The things the article mentions really do remind me of Mexico and of the funny and not so funny experiences I have had there. Thank you to the folks at Matador for publishing it, and to Susannah Rigg for writing it. Here are a dozen habits that this person lost when he moved to Mexico. Enjoy! (end post). 



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February, month of Love!  A chance to invite a little luxury and sweetness. A chance to be cozy by a beautiful fire.  A reminder of the experiences that warm our hearts.  A time, perhaps, to rethink your bedroom as an oasis of replenishment and (of course) sensuality.  With that in mind, here are some suggestions for improving the overall appeal of your bedroom. Your bedroom as nourishing oasis Going into your bedroom should call forth from you at the very least a sigh of relief (if not delight). You should see, feel, and ...
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Several years ago we witnessed an amazing thing while jet skiing in Cabo San Lucas, at the Arch, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. As our jet ski idled at the place where the 2 bodies of water meet, suddenly three manta rays jumped off the water, one after the other, and flew directly over our jet ski. They left us filled with amazement, gratitude and, yes, with our hair standing on end.  Thanks to our friends at Yucatan Living who shared this video, filed off the coast of Isla Holbox Mexico, I am remembering that incre...
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Check out this charming short video by Saveur Magazine featuring cooks from one of our favorite Mexico food destinations, the city of Puebla in the state of Puebla.   
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  It’s a great idea to update your home’s décor by doing at least one new thing at the start of a new year. It brings new energy, new perspectives and -- some even say -- prosperity into a home.  I know sometimes there’s a limit to how much we are able to do to breathe new life, color and energy into our home environment. We may need to build an addition, purchase a new bedroom set, new sofa or a new dining room. But while we shop to find exactly what we want, we can still add interesting pieces and accents to spruce up our homes or ...
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